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See the Decorated Eggs That Didn't Make It

There will be 2 separate contests.
One Contest is for players who are advanced with graphics & can use programs like Paint Shop Pro
& the other Contest is for players who are beginners with graphics & can only use MS Paint.
This way its fair for everyone. 


Decorate an Easter Egg for our annual Wham Bam Bash!  
After you read this info, click the link to download your egg & other images you may want.   If you wanted to play around to get ideas on how you want to decorate your egg, you can drag-n-drop the images on that page to the egg shown.  Multiple images of the same type are hidden under each other so you have a variety of options & color

After you have the egg &/or other images saved to your computer, open them up in your graphic program & decorate it anyway you want.   Be creative!

You may use any images you want to decorate your egg as long as its not X rated.   Also, animation is only to be used for make glitter or sparkle - not for showing different images.   You cant do that to real eggs so you can't do it in this contest either.   Plain Basic Text on your egg is also OK.

Send your decorated egg to:
Name your egg a generic name like fluffy or sock - NOT your zone name.  Please send the egg to us as a .gif (ex: fluffy.gif or sock.gif).  Other formats accepted are .bmp, .jpg & .jpeg but .gif is preferred.


When you submit your egg, you will need to ALSO include your zone name, email, which program you used to decorate your egg such as Paint Shop Pro, Paint or Drag-n-Drop & if Beginner or Advanced.

Contest Rules
1. Please don't resize your egg or change it in any way except to decorate it
2. You may submit 1 horizontal or vertical egg ONLY until 9p PST on Sunday 4/9.
3. No X rated graphics.   No animation unless used for sparkle/glitter effect.
4. Your egg entry must include the required info or your egg wont be entered in the contest.
5. Wham Bam reserves the right to refuse to enter any egg in the contest if there's a valid reason.
6. Please don't tell anyone what egg you decorated.   Lets keep the voting fair.
7. Be careful not to crack your egg!
Gimme My Egg Please!
The are many images on the page.   Please allow time for page to load.

Voting for your favorite egg!

All submitted eggs will be available for viewing & voting on our website from the closing of the bash until 10p Pst on Sat. 4/15 which is during our weekly Saturday Night Tournaments.   This also happens to be Easter Eve.   Winners of both contests will be announced shortly after voting is closed.

You may vote for up to 3 of your favorite eggs for each contest.   All you need to do is put a check in the box next to the egg(s) you want to get a vote.   When you are done, click the 'Send My Vote In' button & your vote(s) will be counted!   If you vote for more than 3 eggs, NONE of your votes will count.

Remember, you will be voting twice - once for each contest.   Just follow the links & instructions.

Once the votes have been tallied, the results will be posted in the lobby.
Winner of each contest will have their egg creation used as our 2006 Bash Award!
Check out some of last years entries!
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